We offer hair replacement service that is virtually undetectable.

We have systems with human hair that is placed on the head with a special adhesive on a thin membrane that you can not see or feel it when it is on your head.
You live in it,Sleep with it on, wash your hair in the shower with it.
After about 3 to 4 weeks you then come in and we will remove it and replace it with another brand -new one that you wear for about another month. The costs are reasonable and the effect is outstanding.

We also specialize in custom made hair replacements that you can put on and take off at your leisure. We can use lace fronts that blend right into the scalp and do not show at the front hair line.

We offer monthly hair piece service that includes a great hair cut, cleaning and re-taping of the hair piece and wash your scalp and hair and you receive a shave around the neck with a straight edge barber razor, a scalp massage and a hot towel over your head. All for $40 a visit.

We have many types of hair piece tape and adhesives. All work is by appointment and you have the utmost privacy along with tasty treats and beverages.

"Where'd ya get your hair cut? Looks Good! - Looks Good on YOU!

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